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Software Secrets

The secret to using any software is that you need to invest the time required to master it. First you need to learn what software can do for you, then you need to learn how to best use the software and then, perhaps most importantly of all, you need to know when to use it and when not to use.


Many clients of LinkDaddy over the years have asked me to reveal many of our secrets. While I am happy to reveal some of our processes, there are always going to be some proprietary strategies and techniques that I would not be able to share.

But for anybody looking to emulate the LinkDaddy process themselves, I decided to write this article to give you a brief outline of what can be done and what software you would need to achieve this.

The basic concept is to use what I call structured content and I use some really innovative software to help put this together. I’m using a software called Menterprise which is an enterprise level software developed by an ex-military guy who’s actually contracted by the Australian military. As you can imagine this is some pretty high grade gear that does an amazing job.

Menterprise Kick-ass Content

I have listed the main features of Menterprise down below after my explanation of how we use it. It’s not cheap but it’s very good and in the long term will give you a much better return on the money you spend on content creation.

I have also made a video which you can find on YouTube, and we have a copy of that down below the article too for you to watch along to. This goes through in detail how I use the software, showing examples.

Once you’ve logged in, or watched me do that in the video, you can see the user interface is very user friendly. I’m an extreme user which means I have four engines dedicated to my tasks and I have an eight million word limit for the month. The elevated user status also gives me access to special features and direct access to the developer himself so that I can submit feature requests and discuss development ideas with him.

So we set up Menterprise to do all the heavy lifting for us and I’ve detailed that pretty carefully in the video that follows, so make sure you take the time to watch that.


To summarize what Menterprise is doing, it is going off to find a load of relevant content based on the instructions that I have given it. The relevance and power of this content in the eyes of Google is extremely important. It’s always pulled from the latest content that is ranking at the top of Google for any given keyword and so its guaranteed to be based upon exactly what Google has already confirmed they are looking for.

Once its found the content it then uses its in-built AI to work out what is relevant and what is not and then it discards the fluff and leaves the focused material.

Artificial Intelligence Doing The Hard Work

Again using its Artificial Intelligence, it manages to put all the relevant data that its retained into a readable article. It also manages to add in images and videos, again using the parameters I set it and ends up producing very presentable content.

Content Marketing Menterprise Ranking

I can adapt the content to be created to suit different scenarios. For local clients I can add in a Google map and I can also add another section and in there I can have the company name, the address and the phone number (NAP). In fact we can add anything that can be i-framed, Google Sites, clients main sites, pdf’s, Google docs, etc..

The content is then very intelligently spun to ensure that we have unique, presentable content every time. The quality of the spinning is provided by the AI and is really quite remarkable. You can see examples of the content in my video below.

The Next Step

So once we have this powerful content, and lots of it, we need to know what to do with it.

I am going to cover what we do with this potent content in our next blog post, so make sure you look out for this. I’ll be showing you how we use Money Robot to submit this content to our massively powerful Niche-Relevant Blog Network and why this wields so much power to boost your main site and drive traffic to your business.

As I promised, here below are the main features of the incredible Menterprise software. If you watch the video below you will see how I use this and how all the features come to life right before your very eyes.


Menterprise Key Features:

Menterprise Content Creation – Learn More

Content On Demand
Multiple keyword relevant articles created in minutes. Unlimited variations and regenerations in seconds.

Any Keyword, Any Niche
Trending topics, buzzing brands, latest products; whatever you need, when you need it.

Login & Go
No proxies, captchas, VPS’ or API keys. Less waiting, more doing what you’re good at.

Real Time Content
Created and customized from the top ten, or more, SERP results. Content based on what Google likes.

Top Quality Spintax
Natural Language Processing is used to generate Spintax. Unrivalled in readability and uniqueness.

Built-in Optimization
Everything you need; embed images, YouTube & Vimeo videos, Google maps, add NAPs, CTAs, header tags, alt text and more.

Image & Video Scraping
Search, select and insert up to 100 keyword relevant images and videos in just two clicks – or easily add your own.

Menterprise Content Creation – Learn More

Readability & Uniqueness
Adjust articles to suit your project needs. Turn on Plagiarism Protection to increase uniqueness further.

Title Tags & Alt Texts
Easily optimize content with header tags and image alt texts. All spinnable for unlimited variations.

SERP Country & Domain
Change the results for more country specific content. More than 100 countries & domains to choose from.

Variable Word Count
From 400 words all the way up to 2,000 words, you choose the article word count to suit your purposes.

HTML & Spintax Output
HTML output for blogs. Spintax for link building, mass page builders and other SEO requirements.

Menterprise AI

Unlimited Variations
Nested word, sentence and paragraph spinning ensures maximum spinnability. Use modules for a whole new level of variation.

Unlimited Regenerations
Randomly place, resize, reformat and redo all modules in an article. Reuse content instantly with new or changed module configurations.

Premium HTML Templates
A growing library of NAPs, CTAs and custom HTML, all with custom placements. Includes FAQ module that uses Google Microdata Schema.

Custom HTML Templates
Create your own Templates; write HTML, add variables and re-use, share codes with colleagues + more.

Automatic Table of Contents
With one checkbox automatically generate Table of Contents for every page.

Menterprise Content Creation – Learn More

Replacer Module
Replace or remove brand names, product names or literally anything else.

Keyword Module
Put your keywords in and choose how many per article. Keywords in a natural way just got easier.

Links Module
Automatically add links to articles with a seriously smart algorithm.
Relevant link placement (not just highlighting random words) and density.

Ranked Title Scraping
Search, scrape and insert up to 100 titles to use in the Headers module. These are ranked titles, real-time!

Re-Order Modules
Choose what’s placed first, second… you get the idea. Control how Menterprise enriches your content.

Menterprise Content Creation – Learn More

Preserve Keywords & Terms
Ideal for technical terms, brand names or specific keywords, just list the terms you want preserved within an article and Menterprise won’t spin them.

AI Menterprise

Easy Export
Export one or more HTML Spintax articles to .txt, .csv or .zip in one click.

Custom Export Builder
Build your own .txt, .csv or .zip export configurations; spun, unspun, joined, unjoined. Save as a preset and re-use in 2 clicks.

Redirect Module
Redirect users to wherever you please, just enter a link and activation delay – a killer for affiliate marketing and launch-jacking.

Nested Article Spinning
Menterprise generates nested word, sentence and paragraph spinning. For ultimate variations, select multiple articles to spin in one.

Google Search Syntax Support
We support all of Google’s search syntax – searches like
“ kitchens” and “intitle:plumber” work perfectly.

Past Generations
Depending on your plan, up to 50 of your previous generations are stored in the Menterprise Cloud. Re-use in one click.

Light & Dark Modes
Switch between Light and Dark mode to adjust for different lighting conditions and easier reading. If you work at night, you’ll love Dark mode.

Your Preferences
Customize Menterprise to your liking.
Import your last generation automatically + much more.

Everything you need for smart content:

❯ Multiple Google friendly articles in minutes
❯ Top-quality spintax, readability and uniqueness
❯ Real-time content for any keyword or phrase
❯ Built-in optimization for variations & structured content
❯ Unique HTML Modules with built-in scraping for extra magic
❯ Login & go – no proxies, captchas, VPS’ or API keys

Menterprise Content Creation – Learn More

Don’t forget to check out our next blog posts where I show you how we use the content generated by Menterprise to post out to our high authority Private Blog Network using Money Robot.

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